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Limited Acquisition Plan Waiver: Contracting Director

Getting A Waiver

Again, in our example we are showing the Waiver screens for a Limited Acquisition Plan (LAP). The other plan types have similar waiver screens, and the APW will lead you to the proper waiver screen, depending on the plan type you must use.

The sample screen below shows you the information necessary to determine whether a waiver is possible, and a place to put information about your waiver.

Read through the instructions on this page to learn more about waivers, and click on the links below to see definitions or FAR references relevant to waivers.

Limited Acquisition Plan

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Limited Acquisition Plan Waivers


Unless designated at a higher level by the Head of Contracting Activity (HCA), the Contracting Director may waive the requirement for a written Limited Acquisition Plan for

* recurring annual acquisitions, and

* cases of unusual and compelling urgency


Only the Senior Program Official (SPO) can waive the requirement for a written Limited Acquisition Plan that calls for an exception to fair the opportunity process required by FAR 16.505(b)(1).


Even if the requirement for a written plan is waived, the Planner must still write a summary of the approved oral plan. The summary may be prepared after award if preparation before award would unreasonably delay the acquisition.


1. Describe the conditions that allow for the waiver by selecting all those that apply.

2. Enter the date the waiver was granted.

3. Enter the e-mail of the person who granted the waiver.

4. Enter a summary of the oral plan including the nature of the urgency.


The information entered here is used strictly to document an existing waiver that has been granted and received. This information can not be used to request a new waiver.

This acquisition is (check all that apply):

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