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Acquisition Plan Not Required

Determine Plan Type Wizard: No Plan Required

Once you have completed the Project Information, and Complexity Criteria, APW may inform you that no plan is required for your acquisition. In that case, you will see the screen below "Acquisition Plan Not Required".

If no plan is required, what should I do?

Take either one of these actions:

  • Select the "Finish" button and the information you have already entered will be saved in the APW. You're not required to do anything else.
  • Select "Create LAP Anyway". This will allow you to create a Limited Acquisition Plan, even though none is required. You may want to do that if you wish to use the APW to keep detailed records of your acquisition, or to simply document your acquisition using the APW.

Often, however, the Determine Plan Type Wizard will determine that you do need to create an acquisition plan, and will take you directly to one of these screens:

  • Limited Acquisition Plan Wizard
  • Comprehensive Plan Wizard
  • Leasehold Interests in Real Property

Acquisition Plan


Acquisition Plan Not Required

It looks as if this acquisition does not require a written acquisition plan. You can go back and review your assumptions if necessary. If you are sure that your assumptions are correct, click on the SAVE & EXIT button to exit the Wizard. Remember, even though you are not required to prepare a written acquisition plan, you are still required to plan for your acquisition. If you have questions, ask your Contracting Officer or supervisor.

Note: If you would like to create a Limited Acquisition Plan anyway click on the 'Create LAP Anyway' button, which will take you to the beginning of the Acquisition Planning Wizard for a Limited Acquisition Plan.

Buttons have been disabled on this simulated screen. Use the Navigation Arrows to move through the APW tour.

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