Planning Forward with GSA in Mind


Let's take a short detour for a moment to talk about waivers.

If the APW determines that you do need to create an acquisition plan, you will be taken to the wizard appropriate for the plan you need to create

For example, the sample screen below shows you the start of the Limited Acquisition Plan (LAP) Wizard. Notice it contains a button called "Waiver".

(The other plan wizards also have a Waiver button. We'll just use the LAP as an example to keep things simple. Waivers for other plan types work in a similar way.)

If you select the "Waiver" button in the real APW, you'll be taken to a screen where you can enter waiver information. For now, select the Right Arrow to see an example of a Waiver screen.

Limited Acquisition Plan

  Wizard Help

Limited Acquisition Plan Required

It looks as if a written Limited Acquisition Plan is required. You can go back and review your assumptions, if necessary.

The Contracting Director may waive the requirement for a written plan under certain circumstances. You can investigate the waiver options or skip that and begin the creation of your Limited Acquisition Plan.

Buttons have been disabled on this simulated screen. Use the Navigation Arrows to move through the APW tour.

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