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When GSA carries out acquistions for other agencies

It's time for another little detour: in cases where GSA is performing an acquisition for another Federal agency, the APW will display the screen below. Look at it now.

This screen shows a list of reminders that GSA acquisition specialists should bear in mind when carrying out acquisitions for other federal agencies.

There is no information to enter here. This is just a reminder screen.

Limited Acquisition Plan

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Purchases on Behalf of Other Agencies

When accepting work from a Requiring Agency, all GSA Contracting Officers shall receive from the Requiring Agency verification that, at a minimum:

i. The funds being made available by the Requiring Agency are legally available for the purpose of the acquisition activities to be performed by GSA;

ii. All unique funding and procurement requirements of the Requiring Agency, including statutory or regulatory requirements applicable to the funding being provided by the Requiring Agency, have been disclosed to GSA; and

iii. All internal reviews/approvals required by the Requiring Agency prior to placing the order with GSA have been completed.

Guidance from Other Agencies

Below are listed other non-GSA agencies. If you are working with any of these agencies on this plan, please click on their name to read agency specific guidance.


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