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Criteria: Complexity

Determine Plan Type Wizard - Plan Complexity

An important aspect of determining what type of acquisition plan you need is how complex the acquisition will be.

Look at the check boxes in the simulated APW screen below. You will see the various complexity criteria you can choose from.

If none of the complexity criteria apply to your acquisition, you must select "None of the Above" in order to proceed through the wizard.

Acquisition Plan

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Criteria: Complexity


GSA has established two levels of planning based on the complexity of an acquisition.

1. Limited Acquisition Plans (LAPs) are for non-complex, low risk, low visibility, or repetitive type acquisitions. A special type of LAP is the Leasehold Interests in Real Property plan (LIRP), which is required when the Nature of Action is a Lease.

2. All complex, risky, politically sensitive or visible acquisitions regardless of dollar value require a written Comprehensive Acquisition Plan (CAP).

This wizard will help you complete the Limited and Comprehensive written plans.


1. Describe the complexity of the acquisition by selecting all those conditions that apply.

This acquisition is (check all that apply):

Buttons have been disabled on this simulated screen. Use the Navigation Arrows to move through the APW tour.

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