Planning Forward with GSA in Mind

Determining the Appropriate Plan Type

Once you have entered the Project Information screen, the APW takes you to the Determine Plan Type Wizard. This screen provides an explanation of various plan types. No information is entered on this screen.

You may have noticed that the buttons at the bottom of the tour screens are disabled. Use the navigation arrows to move through the tour.

Acquisition Plan

  Wizard Help

The Acquisition Planning Wizard

OGP 2800.1 has established the General Services Administration's criteria and thresholds at which greater detail and formality in the planning process is required.

GSA requires written acquisition plans for all acquisitions over the Simplified AcquisitionThreshold ($100,000).

  • A Limited Acquisition Plan for acquisitions in excess of $100,000 and up to and including $50 million ($20 million for Information Technology projects) including options.
  • A Comprehensive Acquisition Plan for acquisitions exceeding $50 million ($20 million for Information Technology supplies and services) or any dollar value acquisition meeting certain other conditions.
  • Acquisitions at the Simplified Acquisition Threshold or lower do not require written plans.

The APW will help you comply with the guidelines established in OGP 2800.1 by stepping you through a short series of questions. At the end of this process you will know which type of acquisition plan (Limited , or Comprehensive) is appropriate for your planned project.

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