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Acquisition Milestones


On the Acquisition Milestones screen you may enter the dates (Planned and Actual) of the important milestones in your acquisition Plan of Action. There is also a field to enter other milestones that may pertain specifically to this particular acquisition.

Once your plan has been submitted for approval you will only be able to change the Actual Milestone dates.

Note that the required date format is mm/dd/yyyy. 04/01/2005 is the correct formatting. 4/1/2005 is not.

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7.105(b)(20) Acquisition Milestones


1. Provide applicable milestone dates for when the events were estimated (planned) to occur as well as when they actually occurred. If a date does not need to be provided leave the box empty, 'n/a' should not be entered. All dates must be in the format 'm/d/yyyy'.

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  Planned Actual Delays  
Acquisition Plan Approval  
Statement Of Work Remove Milestone
Package Completion Remove Milestone
Purchase Request Remove Milestone
Justification For Approval Remove Milestone
Issuance Of Synopsis Remove Milestone
Issuance Of Solicitation Remove Milestone
Proposal Opening Remove Milestone
Proposal Evaluation Remove Milestone
Negotiation Begin Remove Milestone
Negotiation Completion Remove Milestone
Contract Preparation Remove Milestone
Contract Review Remove Milestone
Contract Clearance Remove Milestone
Contract Award Remove Milestone

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