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Approval: Head of Contracting Activity


The Approval screen below allows you to designate who has the Approval Authority for your acquisition plan.

You may add one or more Approval Authorities, as well as Additional Approvers. Just select the "Add an Approver" or "Add an additional Approver" links. Selecting one will take you to the next screens where you'll see exactly how it works.

These APW users will be notified to review and approve your plan when you Submit or Resubmit it for approval.

Head of Contracting Activity


The Head of Contracting Activity (HCA) has approval authority but may delegate this authority to the Senior Program Official (SPO). The Head of Contracting Activity (HCA) may delegate approval authority to an appropriate level below the Senior Program Official (SPO) after coordination with the Senior Procurement Executive (SPE). Check with your Contracting Officer, Supervisor, or the Head of Contracting Activity (HCA)'s office for your organization's implementation of Comprehensive Acquisition Plan approval authority.

1. You have already been selected as the Requiring Office or Requirement(s) Office Planner of this acquisition plan.

2. Enter the e-mail address for the approving Head of Contracting Activity (HCA), by clicking on the 'Add' link next to the label. In order to remove a participant from the list click the 'Remove' link next to their e-mail address. They will complete the Approval Status once you have changed the Plan Status from Draft to Submitted/Resubmitted for Approval.

3. Once you have completed the plan you may change the Plan Status from Draft to Submitted for Concurrence and Coordination (this e-mails notifications to your planning team) or to Submitted/Resubmitted for Approval (this e-mails notifications to your planning team and the Approval Authority).


Plan Status
  • When changing the status to 'Submitted for Concurrence and Coordination / Approval', the following actions will occur as your plan moves foward in the planning process:

    1. E-mails will be sent to your plan Coordinators and Concurrors. They will be notified of their role on the plan and asked to log into the system to review the plan.
    2. E-mails will be sent to you as each participant logs in and either leaves comments or mark their concurrence/coordination on the plan.
    3. When all of your Coordinators and Concurrors have concurred on the plan, the plan will be automatically submitted for approval.
    4. E-mail notifications will now be sent to your Approvers. They will be asked to log in and mark the plan as approved.
    5. You will be notified via E-mail when the plan has been approved.
Approval Status

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