Planning Forward with GSA in Mind

Comprehensive Acquisition Plan

CAP: Starting Screen

The screen below means that the APW has determined that you must create a Comprehensive Acquisition Plan (CAP), and will now lead you through that process. The next step will be to ask you a few questions about the Acquisition Background and Objectives.

The Acquisition Planning Wizard

The Comprehensive Acquisition Plan is the most detailed plan and is required for: Information Technology acquisitions in excess of $20 million, including options; all other types of acquisitions in excess of $50 million, including options; and any dollar value acquisition that is complex, critical to agency strategic objectives and mission, highly visible or politically sensitive (see further applicability standards under OGP 2800.1 paragraph 8(c)1). More detailed than Limited Acquisition Plans, the Comprehensive Acquisition Plan covers the acquisition process from identification of the need or advance notice of need, through contract or order close-out.

The Acquisition Planning Wizard will now step you through the creation of the Comprehensive Acquisition Plan.

Buttons have been disabled on this simulated screen. Use the Navigation Arrows to move through the APW tour.

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