Planning Forward with GSA in Mind

Creating a New Acquisition Plan

The primary action you will undertake in APW is to create or edit an Acquisition Plan.

The first step in creating an acquisition plan is to enter general Project Information. See the screen below.

At the top of most APW screens, you will see instructions explaining the purpose of the screen and what to do there.

Read the instructions below and try some of the dropdowns to get a feel for how the APW collects information. All APW screens work much like this one.

You will notice that APW instructions often include links that open popup windows containing definitions (such as "Planner" below) or references to the FAR. These popup links are found throughout APW.

Acquisition Plan

  Wizard Help

Project Information


1. You have already been selected as the Planner, and with the advice and assistance of your contracting officer, you are responsible for initiating, coordinating and preparing the written acquisition plan for approval.

2. Enter the Project Number. If none, enter project name.

3. Enter the Solicitation Number. If there are none assigned, then project number or name must be entered above.

4. Enter the whole dollar amount (no cents) of the Government Estimate.

5. Select the Nature of Action. Please note, selecting Lease as the Nature of Action will create a Leasehold Interest in Real Property plan rather than a Limited Acquisition Plan.

6. Select the Region.

7. Select the Service.



(select the correct option)

(select the correct option)

(select the correct option)

Buttons have been disabled on this simulated screen. Use the Navigation Arrows to move through the APW tour.

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