Planning Forward with GSA in Mind

The Limited Acquisition Plan Wizard

List of the Limited Acquisition Plan sections

The Limited Acquisition Plan is made up of sections that each address a particular concern of the Acquisition Planning process. You'll be able to type in (or paste in from another document if you've already drafted parts of your plan) background and document decisions that your planning team develop over time. The parts of the Limited Acquisition Plan include:

  • Project Information
  • Acquisition Background and Objectives
    • Statement of Need
    • Applicable Conditions
    • Delivery or Performance-Period Requirements
  • Plan of Action
    • Sources
    • Competition
    • Source Selection
    • Acquisition Considerations
    • Performance-Based Acquisitions
    • Budgeting & Funding
    • Product or Service Descriptions
    • Environmental and Energy Conservation Objectives
    • Contract Administration
    • Acquisition Milestones
  • Participants
  • File Attachments
  • Approval