Planning Forward with GSA in Mind

The Oral Summary / Simplified Acquisition Plan Wizard

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Written Acquisition Plans are not required when the Plan:

  1. Does not exceed the Simplified Acquisition Threshold (SAT), and
  2. Does not meet any of the criteria for a Comprehensive Acquisition Plan, such as:
    1. Information Technology acquisitions in excess of $20 million, including options.
    2. All other types of acquisitions in excess of $50 million, including options.
    3. Any dollar value acquisition that meets one or more of the following:
      1. Complex, critical to agency strategic objectives and mission, highly visible or politically sensitive.
      2. An acquisition with which GSA has little or no experience that may result in a need for greater oversight or risk management.
      3. Actions using significantly changed methods (e.g., methods of procurement such as lease versus purchase, or methods of performance such as contractor versus government personnel).
      4. New construction, or repair and alteration prospectus budget line items.
      5. Any acquisition that requires contract bundling (see FAR section 7.107).

If the conditions of your procurement change (or you think you may have entered them incorrectly) and you want to double check if the Plan Type is still correct it's not a problem. You can always run the Determine Plan Type Wizard again any time before the plan is Submitted for Approval. This automatically flows through to the Determine Plan Type Wizard.