Planning Forward with GSA in Mind

The Determine Waiver Authority Wizard

Workflow diagram focusing on the Waiver Wizard of the APW.

In cases of recurring annual acquisitions or unusual and compelling urgency the requirement for a written acquisition plan may be waived by the appropriate Waiver Authority. The APW can determine the Waiver Authority as defined in OGP 2800.1. It has been designed to do this by asking you the fewest number of easy to understand questions as possible. So, if it seems at times like you are being asked irrelevant questions, please know that not only are these questions necessary, but they help document completely your compliance with agency policy. By using the APW you can rest assured that your plans are correct and complete.

The APW uses information you provide about your project to determine the Waiver Authority. The Determine Waiver Authority Wizard makes this as easy as 1-2-3 by asking for information about the procurement's:

  1. Estimated Value Procurements that have a large IT component generally have higher authorization requirements. Since the APW already collected this information during the Determine Plan Type Wizard it doesn't ask you again
  2. Conditions Exceptions to the fair opportunity process generally have higher authorization requirements. If the APW already collected this information during the Determine Approval Authority Wizard it won't ask you again
  3. Type and Category Comprehensive Plans generally have higher authorization requirements

With this simple information the Determine Waiver Authority Wizard can help point you in the right direction.

You may need to translate the role identified in the APW to match your location and organizational usage. Ask your Contract Officer if you can't match a name you know to the role specified.

In order to request a waiver you must write a summary of the oral plan and obtain approval of the oral plan. The APW allows you to include the summary when you submit the waiver for approval. If the Waiver Authority approves your plan you have successfully completed the APW! If, for whatever reason, the Waiver Authority denies your request for a waiver you can still either:

  • Make any required changes to your oral plan and summary and resubmit your waiver request, or
  • Continue using the APW to develop the written plan as usual.

In either case you won't loose any of the information you have already provided during the waiver request.