Planning Forward with GSA in Mind

Create Your Plan

Create Your Plan

The first step in getting your excellent Acquition Plan approved is to create the plan.

You can do this easily by selecting the "Create a Plan" link on the Dashboard, as seen in the image below. This launches the Determining Wizards that take you through a short set of screens to help you determine:

  • What Plan Type is Required
  • Who is Required to be on Your Team
  • Who the Required Approval Authority needs to be
  • Who may Waive the written plan Requirement

Along the way the APW will provide you with definitions and references that should help when things get confusing.

Once you complete the Determining Wizards the APW will bring you straight into your new plan so you can get right to work.

Picture of the Create A Plan link on the dashboard

Want to Know More?

For a more detailed look at how the Determining Wizards work take a look at APW: An Overview.