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About GSA APW 5.1

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Office of the Chief Acquisition Officer

This software was developed by Development InfoStructure under contract with the General Services Administration, Office of Acquisition Policy (OAP). All Rights in Data are reserved as stated in FAR Subpart 27.4 - Rights in Data and Copyrights.

What's New in GSA APW v 5.1?


Version 5.1

  • Plans on the Dashboard can now be sorted. You can sort by oldest plan, or by most recently edited.
  • Various view pages have had the information boxes expanded to use the available space
  • Help for each screen in the wizard has been fixed to match the reduction of wizard screens
  • Fixed issue where wizard would time out much too quickly

Version 5.0

  • Users can now copy (i.e. clone) a previously created acquisition plan forward, and then edit the details of the new plan as needed
  • Updated the right-hand menu to include links to all numbered sections of the FAR
  • Reduced the number of screens in the wizard from 26 screens to 15
  • Added an "All Not Applicable" checkbox to each page of the wizard for improved efficiency
  • Participants on a plan can now opt in or out of getting Confirmation emails from the system when changes are made to the plan
  • Added visual indicators to the Wizard navigation menu to highlight which sections are missing information
  • Updated the Acquisition Milestone list to include new milestones within the FAR
  • Security enhancements

Version 4.0

  • A newly redesigned interface
  • New plan dashboard designed to make finding your plans easier
  • Plans displayed on the dashboard are color coded to immediately show the current state of your plan
  • Plans on the dashboard display the information necessary to move the plan along in the work flow
  • Submit plan for concurrence/coordination and Submit plan for Approval have been combined for automatic plan submission
  • Create new participants, who are not yet in the system, from inside your plan
  • On screen help is moved to a central location
  • Limited plans can now opt in to sections previously only available to comprehensive plans

Version 3.4

  • Spell checking for plan participant comments
  • Security Enhancements
  • Performance Tuning Enhancements

Version 3.3.0

  • Additional Optional Roles
  • Improved link directive text for optional roles
  • Updated "Section Notes" to allow instant location of notes at the plan level
  • Graphical differential capability for Modified Plans
  • Enhanced Reporting Capability
  • Automatic conversion of "No Plan" type to "Completed" status
  • Additional instructions for "Previewer" capability
  • Enabled work icon on plan screens for direct access to plan
  • Updated display text for roles marked as "Not Applicable"
  • Display tab plan counts for non-active plans
  • Plan Status Menu clarification
  • Enhancements to Manage Users screen
  • Added instructions toggle to report options screen
  • Increased limits on currency fields

Version 3.2.1

  • Updated FAR Links

Version 3.2.0

  • Multiple Agencies - Management and approval of external agencies
  • Self-Registration - Users in approved external agencies may self-register
  • Agency-Specific Help/Instructions
  • Tracking and Review Capability for All Email Notifications
  • Manual Notification/Messaging to Selected Plan Participants
  • Calculation of Milestone Deltas
  • FAQ Management
  • Multiple Coordinators/Concurrors for Each Plan
  • N/A Checkboxes - Included on plan screens before optional Team Participant roles
  • Plan Id and FAR Source Selection added to data entry screens
  • Date Validation - Removed requirement for leading zeroes
  • Performance Tuning Enhancements